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How Mattress Making Factory makes mattress ?

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Summary: In mattress making industry, a brief introduction on how a mattress factory makes s mattress.
                  Explain that six processes are included and how they work.
                  And what kind of mattress machines should be used during the production of mattresses in Mattress Machine Manufacturer.  

1. Feeding Material inspection. 
It is the primary process of production, and it requires precise material proportions.
Appropriate raw materials and qualified or not will directly influence the production smoothness and quality of the finished mattress.


2. Tucking cotton & Springs Making and Assembling. 
The second process of mattress making is tucking cotton and spring units making, which includes two separate and simultaneous processes.
Tucking cotton is a process that sews the cotton to the mattress fabric. it is used in the top and bottom fabric of mattress.
Springs making and assembling is a process from wire coiling and assembling to spring units, connecting coil springs into a whole, which is called bonnell spring mattress.
When producing pocket spring mattress, need to process from wire coiling and put into independent non-woven bags,
and then use assembly machine combine the spring bag strip stained into the whole.


3. Mattress Fabric Cutting & Spring Units Making
The third process is mattress fabric cutting and spring units making, cutting the tucked fabric into mattress size. Later can paste on the top of mattress.
Spring units making: use the border wire fastened to the spring bed, making sure the mattress firmer.

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It is a process of pasting the foam, cotton on the spring bed, then paste fabric (which finished Tucking cotton) on the top.

5.Mattress Tape Edge Sewing
It is the last process of mattress production by using Mattress Tape Edge Machine to sew the edge band to the top and bottom fabric together.
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6.Quality inspection & Mattress Packing
It goes to the final process. Finished product inspection is very important.
And packaging park requires mattress packing machines, to press and roll mattresses in bulk.

Aiming to saving product storage space and facilitate transportation.

Let's check how a mattress be pressed and rolled before transportation.
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What kind of mattress machines should be used during these 6 processes in Mattress Making?
1. Mattress Foam Machine
2.Mattress Spring Machine
3.Mattress Quilting Machine
4.Mattress Border Sewing Machine
5.Mattress Tape Edge Machine
6.Mattress Packing Machine


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